Thursday, December 17, 2009


Oh I found a cute dollhouse, just across the street in the children's department of Macy's. I think my grand daughter will love it, it's rather simple, yet sturdy, perfect for three year old fingers. I went on line, ordered it and the horse barn for my grandson and had them shipped.
I remember getting a dollhouse for Christmas one year, my sister got the farm set. Before Christmas we went on a hunt for gifts and found them tucked away in our Mother's closet. My sister and I quietly played with them while our Mother was busy elsewhere, then we put everything back as we had found them and anticipated Christmas morning where we so enjoyed them all over again. I wonder how old we were and I wonder if our parents ever knew what we did. I wish I still had that doll house, it was one of those metal ones with the plastic furniture. I would keep it at my house for my grand daughter to play with when she visits.
I just love all the secrecy and excitement of Christmas don't you?

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I'm so addicted to OPB'S, translated Other Peoples Blogs, perhaps I should say OWB'S translated Other Women's Blogs. I just love them. Some are so bright and cheery and they just make my day sometimes. I get tons of ideas and add to my already very long wish list of "stuff to make" or
"stuff to search for". I have so many ideas, some are actually my own, floating about in my head that I am on OPB overload!
I'm sitting in a hotel room in Philadelphia, USA waiting on my DH to return from a meeting. Oh I could go shop, I could go wander, I could go to the spa for any treatment I would like, I could do all kinds of things, but you know what? I am quite content here in the silence and privacy of this room reading OPB'S and looking at all the pretty pictures.
I'm also searching for a doll house for my sweet little grand daughter, thus far nothing totally appealing has jumped out at me. Years ago when my own girls were her size I found a darling little doll house for some little critters like hedge hogs or something, it was so cute, and that is what is in my head and I'm searching for one like that. Wonder what ever happened to the one we had? I'm going to post a picture of my sweet little grand daughter, all dressed up in her favorite outfit, she actually went to church like this, another day she wore her robe...she's quite independent. I love that about her. I so miss seeing her when I'm away.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunrise over the Blue Ridge Mountains

Oh it's just lovely to watch a sunrise over the Blue Ridge Mountains. I've watched so many, watched the rain, and seen rainbows encompassing me, watched the snow cover the mountains and valleys, watched fireflies at night along with the milky way and shooting stars, watched the trees turn color in the fall and leaves blow across the valley, watched the starkness of winter and the delight of spring and the warmth of summer and all the while watching the sun move from one side of my view to the other. I can also watch the moon rise over the mountains and see the reflection of the setting sun. Oh I'm quite lucky indeed to have my wonderful view of the mountains.
And now we've added an all weather porch that allows me to sit outside and watch the wonders unfold before it's raining and I can hear the splish splash of drops as I sit and watch the grey fluffy clouds settle in amongst the mountain ridges.
I'm talking with my hubby via ichat and crocheting and writing all at the same time. I'm planning on making my home made noodles this afternoon for our Thanksgiving dinner, my daughters will help me but first they had chores to do and I had to sit and watch and listen to the mountain rain.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is my Monday morning stitch group, The Piecemakers, women from all over the world. We were having a Sri Lankan lunch prepared by the lady in Pink. It was delicious but oh so hot!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lunch with the Piecemakers

left to right, Becky (me), USA Judy visiting from Saudi, Julie Ellen, New Zealand, Geetha, Sri Lanka, Margaret, Fiji  and Carmel, South Africa.  
October 4, 2009  After a trip to Karama "pursing", our version of shopping the knock off souks for purses we ate lunch at this Sri Lankan restaurant where the food is spicey and wonderful. Our Sri Lankan member does the ordering and explaining at the restaurant; and we have a grand time bargaining with the souk boys.  I'm looking forward already to the next time.  Often, Geetha will stop in and pick up something to bring to our stitch group for our morning tea.  It's fun to sample other cultures.  Hers happens to be quite hot!  But you must soothe it with yogurt only, there are two dishes of different yogurts on our trays, there is one wonderful dessert and the rest are basically spicey veggies.  

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy 24th Anniversary

I think God probably gave me the best husband on earth.  As a young man I used to call him "every Mother's dream" as he was a gentleman in all ways and a straight A student, he was kind, courteous, thoughtful and a friend to all plus he had a delicious sense of humor, a combination of both his parents.    Well we grew up eventually and I married that "every mother's dream".  He bought me this lovely little rose and white gold with a circlet of diamonds necklace for our 24th anniversary which we celebrated at a restaurant called More which just happens to be in the Gold and Diamond Park in Dubai.   We have such a lovely love story though he does not like me telling it, he says it is ours and should remain ours, isn't that sweet?  

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Seven Days Baskets Quilt

I finished this quilt actually after I got home to the states, had to cut and sew the binding, my favorite machine quilter, Suzet, had just finished it for me.  It was featured in Seven Days Magazine in Dubai, hence the name.  One of the reporters visited my stitch group, the Piecemakers, and I happened to be the only one stitching that day so my picture was taken working on this quilt.  I gave it to my Mother and this is her bedroom.   

Class Reunion

About 3 summers ago I got reconnected with some of my old high school friends basically through reading our home town obituaries, since you leave your email address we were able to reconnect with our old friends and began meeting for lunch or dinner whenever we were in town, which led to a lot of email correspondence and a monster renewal of some precious old friendships.  We've just had our 45th class reunion and all but one of our emailing buddies were able to attend, we had the best time and are busy planning our next adventure.  

Friday, July 31, 2009

Chirping firealarm

I'm at the beach in our little house we call Camel Lot.  The fire alarm is busy chirping at regular intervals like a hungry baby bird.  I woke to potty and then that chirp kept me up so went to the porch where I've enjoyed an hour of night sounds, a rare gentle breeze and lastly noticed the humidity so came inside to steady air conditioning.  I am missing my crochet, I left it at home but do have some applique with me to stitch on but find myself on the computer in those idle moments instead of being creative.  I'm itching to crochet, have some new ideas and patterns to explore and I so love working on a piece and letting it grow in my lap especially when it's cold as it warms you as you work.  I am eager to try a simple large granny square to cover an old stool I found, it's out in the shed here.....need to paint it first perhaps and redo the top so that a crochet cover will fit nicely over fresh padding.  I have so many things I want to do and so little time it seems.
Today we planted two raspberry bushes, three blueberry bushes and spearmint, chocolate mint, rosemary and a gorgeous red Mandivilla vine.  My hands were so black from all the soil amendments so I washed the car to get them clean then we went for a swim to cool off.  It was so humid you could spray yourself with the garden hose and it felt like bath water!  
I brought my new bike down, a red and silver beauty with streamers on the handlebars and a "fat butt" seat, it was a find at the Screen Door for $50.00!  I love it, it needs a basket and it will be perfect!  

Friday, May 29, 2009

I meant to add the recipe for that tea in the picture.  That picture was taken at Alila Manggis in Bali on a recent trip.  Here's how you make it. 
Lemon Grass Ginger Tea 
Trim two stalks of lemon grass or use dried lemon grass, chop the fresh into small pieces
one short stick of cinnamon
one small bunch of a sprig
one thumb size or a bit bigger piece of ginger, peeled and mashed a bit
Add boiling water and let steep together about five minutes, strain into a cup
I used a coffee press but now have lovely tea pots with built in strainers.
Add the juice of a small piece of lime and about one teaspoon of your favorite honey to the strained liquid........sip and enjoy!  

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blogging?  What's this, who has time what with msn, yahoo, ichat, other chats I can't even remember, yahoo groups,  facebook, email, gmail, incredimail not to mention dirty dishes, laundry, dust bunnies, dirty bathrooms, these horrid floors to clean and my sewing.  Whew!  I don't have time for a mani/pedi or a massage, and forget about a haircut!  Plus I have discovered too many ebloggers that are just pure fun to read, much more so than me so stop now!  
And I'm trying to be a better daughter, mother, grandmother, friend and keep in contact with all that apply to those titles from me......I'm overwhelmed with it all.  I think I'll just take off and read my book for a bit.  I'm so into the James Patterson series, the Women's Murder Club, they keep me flipping the pages and I just won't let myself read ahead......I've got a cup of tea so off I go.  You people out there, "talk amongst yourselves, I'm busy!"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let's start with Gratitude,  I'm grateful for my husband, flowers in bloom, the birds singing, my jeans fit, a full tummy.  Well not so sure about that full tummy bit.
I spent yesterday working with my fellow Dubai Quilters on our Charity Quilts for the show this spring.  We had a potluck lunch and worked in two teams constructing two quilts identical except for fabric.   It' was a great way to spend an otherwise lonely day in Dubai.  
Today I scooted out to one of the fabric souks and purchased a whole new array of pastel fabrics.  Tomorrow I sew.