Monday, September 19, 2011

Life Lesson #15

Never leave anything that resembles food out where Daisy can spy it or possibly find it because she will find it. I had bought an interesting looking pasta and left it on the counter...not thinking there would be any smell to it or appeal to it at all in it's plastic wrapper. This little past resembled rice, or a small risoto but it was called Italian Macaroni. I was thinking of making a soup with it, but Daisy had other plans. It ended up trailed all through house like Hansel and Gretel had used it in the woods. Daisy snatched it off the counter and opened it in the family room, but then wandered the entire house (all 4400 sq ft of it) with bits dangling from her jowls I'm quite positive. Later all that dried pasta seemed to be a bit upsetting and there she was pacing the floor in the bedroom until I got up and came down stairs with her, after a few trips outside (thank goodness for that one) she was ready to settle in for the night, though I was wide awake by then. So the moral of the story is to always close the kitchen door when away from the house, also be sure to put non removable (by Daisy at least) objects in all the chairs and on all the couches. And don't believe that poor pitiful me look as you go out the front door, it's all an act.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beyond Excited! Life Lesson #14

After several weeks of nothing but bad or sad news I've had two terrific news days! On Friday we were told our first great grandbaby is a Boy and he will likely have my hubby's name in his, how terribly exciting. Not to rush our lives away but come on February!

My other news is kind of a longish story...Sunset Beach, NC, our favorite vacation spot and home to our wonderful little vacation home (actually it borders on Ocean Isle and Sunset), had a lovely old swing bridge. We always enjoyed it, enjoyed even the wait when it was open to allow for taller boats to pass along the intercoastal waterway. Sadly the bridge was removed for progress and safety reasons I suppose; and a new high tech and very high bridge installed.
A group of energetic old bridge lovers formed the Old Bridge Preservation Society and were able to purchase the bridge and have it moved to a site off water but near where it was originally and are proceeding to make it a park like setting and using it for educational purposes and museum type purposes.
A couple of years ago my second oldest grandson and I had our own special beach grey misty morning we were heading to the beach and were stopped by the opening of the bridge. We pulled over and I whipped out my ever ready camera and took a couple of pictures. I really loved one of the pictures I snapped that day, enlarged and printed it and framed it in my beach home.
When I bought tee shirts from the OBPS this summer they were delivered to me by a member of the board, as I had had to order them and I missed the time frame to go by the bridge to pick them up. Well this nice lady, brought them and I showed her a framed rendition of the picture I had taken that grey misty day with my grandson. She loved it and I sent it to the facebook page of the OBPS for her. After showing the picture to two professionals she wrote me that they had said it was wonderful and one of the best they had seen. So now they have asked my permission to turn it into notecards and things for the purposes of fundraising for the bridge. I am so honored to be able to contribute to the OBPS by allowing this. I suggested a journal and they will likely make framed pictures too. Hmm, just thought about tea towels, will have to write her that pads? placemats?
It's the little things in life that can just make your day. I have my fingers crossed that they can make a few dollars using my picture and perhaps be able to contribute to their work on restoration and setting up the park like setting for the bridge. I think maybe this could be Life Lesson # 14, always carry your camera because you just never know.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another Soup Recipe

I found this one in a Cookbook called Tidal Tastings, I bought it at a flea shop in Sunset Beach. They were selling them to raise money for schools in the area. This recipe is attributed to Jayne Mathews. I've made this one three times already, it's easy, it's comforting and it's really good, it passed the Tom test so you know it's a winner.....a great way to get spinach into your family.

Comfort Soup
I pound ground chuck
2/3 cup fresh grated Parmeggiano Reggiano
salt and pepper
mix those and form into small meatballs, small bite size, makes quite a few.
drop those into boiling chicken broth, at least 2 twelve ounce cans or use a large box of broth,
and let boil for 10 minutes.
Meanwhile cook a half a box of frozen spinach in a small amount of water, if you use a whole box
it just seems like too much spinach I think. I used a strainer to strain it, then squeezed out the
excess water and dropped the spinach in the broth with the meatballs.
Then drizzle in one beaten egg...let cook until egg is all cooked and dispersed, swirl as it cooks.
Serve with a nice crusty bread. So easy, so good. Quick ingredients, takes no time at all. I even
did a quick cook then put it in a small crock pot on warm until supper time so I could walk away
and leave it. These meatballs are surprisingly good and with only the few ingredients. I was amazed.

I forgot to add...I added the juice from half a lemon and half a jar of cannelini beans to this soup, then serve
it with a nice rustic bread, either fresh or lightly toasted in the toaster or oven (butter it and broil it).
My husband really enjoys this soup so it goes in the TOMFOOD category.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Recipe and Life Lesson #13

I'll start with this recipe from this wonderful "old" cookbook. It can no longer be found except in flea markets, junk shops, antique shops etc. I love it, it's one of my very favorites. It has signature dishes from cities all over the US including my home town, Springfield, Illinois. The dish I made today is from St Paul, Minnesota. I'll list the recipe followed by my small changes. It's excellent and my husband will enjoy it for lunch today as the university does not yet have their food service in place so he's been coming home, a bonus for me...well mixed blessing, means I cook two meals a day instead of one. I sometimes enjoy that and sometimes don't, I'm sure all you ladies can relate to that one! This is so easy to prepare.

Minnesota Wild Rice Soup
1/2 cup uncooked wild rice (I used a mixture of different rices)
1 large onion diced
2 large fresh mushrooms, diced or 1 can (4 ounces) sliced mushrooms, drained (I used a whole package of fresh mushrooms, sliced)
1/2 cup butter
1 cup flour
8 cups hot chicken broth (I used 3 cans...Campbell soup size)
salt and pepper to taste...go easy...broth often is salty
1 cup half and half or light cream (I used about 3/4 cup low fat milk and about 1/4 cup evaporated milk)
2 tablespoons sherry or dry white wine

Add rice to 2 cups salted water, simmer until rice is cooked, about 30 to 45 minutes.
Saute onions in butter, add mushrooms, only takes about 3 to 5 minutes to cook them until soft. Stir in flour a little at a time, add chicken broth (I didn't heat it, just from the can, added slowly). Do not let any of this brown. Stir in cooked rice, season to taste with salt and pepper. Heat through, add half and half or milk etc. Add sherry and heat through but do not boil.
It can be prepared to the half and half point, then set aside as needed then reheat once half and half and sherry are added.

Now I've had a "revelation" about this soup. I am going to make chicken palliards...slice a boneless, skinless, chicken breast in half with a good sharp knife, layer between sheets of plastic wrap and pound it to 1/4 inch thick...dredge it through egg white..whip them until they just begin to froth, then dredge through Panko bread crumbs to which you've added salt and pepper to taste, and a bit of poultry seasoning, then fry them up in a very small amount of canola or other vegetable oil (only lightly cover the bottom of your skillet) until nicely browned. I will do that, then I will warm up a good portion of this gets really thick...then I will drizzle that over my palliards, serve that up with a nice fresh veggie, steamed. smart eh?
The soup made so much that I can get probably 4 meals from it for two people. I had to keep adding milk as the entire cup of flour makes it really thick. We can add this soup to the TOMFOOD fact everything I make is pretty much in that category...TOMFOOD means he'll eat must be heavy and fill up those long legs.

Life Lesson #12
Stay in touch with old friends. My girls (now 37, 42 and 43) had a wonderful friend all through junior and senior high school. We moved away and though there were visits until about mid 20's the years and marriages, jobs, and family obligations slipped in the way of continuing that beautiful old friendship. This week their friend passed away, we don't know what happened to him. So young. We knew so many in his family and his wife's family. I cannot even imagine their grief. The memories of him are so vivid, he was so delightful, so full of life and from all reports turned into one fine adult with a nice family. It saddens me to think we know nothing of the last 20 years of his life and did not know his children. It's a life lesson to stay in better touch with those we really have cared about and shared so much with in our lives. I did stop by his work the last time I was in town but had just missed him, that was 2 years I really wish I had seen him, seen pictures of his children, had a chance to catch up.
I've had so many memories of this kid and my girls hanging out together, laughing, getting in trouble, being kids, they have been swirling in my head. He was one of those kids you just enjoyed...he was so charming, so funny, so onery.
I know that I am guilty of losing touch with many of my friends too, this has served as a reminder to me to keep in better touch with all those I care about. I think really good good friends are so rare, we must cherish them better. I will really miss just knowing that this young man was a part of this world.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mini Fried Peach Pies

10 fresh peaches, peeled and sliced...I chopped them actually...and only used 8...put them in boiling water a few minutes like you
would tomatoes and the peels come off very easily also the pits are easier to get out of the opposing side.
1/3 cup all purpose flour
1 cup white sugar
1/4 cup butter
mix all but the peaches until crumbly, add peaches and stir

Fried Pie Crust
This was in Better Homes and Gardens Sept 09
1 cup unsalted butter (that's two sticks, I cut them in slices)
1/4 cup lard (I also cut it in slices)
3 cups unbleached all purpose flour
2 teaspoons kosher salt
1 teaspoon sugar
8 to 12 (or more) tablespoons ice water (I probably used more like 20 tablespoons)
Peanut oil for deep frying

Mix the salt and flour and sugar and add the butter and lard using a pastry blender.
Add the water a few tablespoons at a time until dough holds together.
At this point they recommend rolling it out and folding it then sticking in the fridge for a bit to
harden it up a bit and it does help with the cutting out bit.
I used a large plastic glass and cut my circles after rolling the dough about 1/8 inch thick, secret to
getting it up is keeping it cold so cut those circles fast.
Preheat your fryer for about 15 minutes using peanut oil.
Put a dollop...less than a tablespoon of filling on your dough...recipe says to seal the edge using a
bit of water...I didn't bother with that, I pinched them then just used fork tines to seal it...deep fry until
golden brown then drain on paper towel quickly then roll in while hot! Yummy!
I have a small fryer so only made 3 to 4 at a time...but it allowed time to work on the sugar rolling and
the filling for the others.

The peaches recipe makes quite a bit, I would suggest making another dough recipe. I think you could
use other fruits easily. I also think you could freeze these and reheat in a slow oven, like around 300 degrees
for about 15 minutes with good results. I also think you could make them to the ready to fry stage and freeze with

One more thing...I thought that a bit of cinnamon would give some zing and I was right, I added about 1/2 teaspoon to
the peaches. These were so delicious. I think it made around 30 or so but I lost count. I shared them with my neighbors
at the beach.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Smokey Beach Marmalade and Life Lessons #11 and #12

Oh I so don't keep up well with blogging...I do believe though that I am at about Life Lesson #11....I know I'm awfully close to that. No pictures one wants to see the dark flecks of char in my marmalade....but the Life Lesson learned is rich, and that I will share with you all as well as this gorgeousmous recipe for Beryl's Marmalade. Beryl is the Mother of my friend and she currently is a retired gem living in New Zealand. Here's the recipe...oh the Life Lesson? well it's never quit daughter and I and her hubby are enjoying a peaceful Fourth of July American Holiday at our little beach place...we've been most content and have had a grand time thus far in spite of ever so slightly scorching our first batch of Marmalade...this is how we did daughter knows I have terrible troubles with my feet...well we cut up all our stuff, got our Marmalade cooking away and then she decides to rub my feet...oh ecstasy! Oh my it felt so good...we had asked her dear sweet hubby to stir every ten minutes and me forgetting that near the end you must stir more than that...well she's rubbing my feet, hubby is nose in the computer absorbed in a new furniture daydream and quite suddenly I smelled burn...well shoot if we didn't just sit there like fools and let it scorch on the bottom of the foot rubbing whilst making Marmalade! Otherwise the batch was so completely perfectly perfect. Okay so no ecstasy foot rubbing until the Marmalade is in the jars! So we're going back to get more of those perfect oranges, no seeds, the perfect grapefruit again no seeds and more here's the recipe...

Beryl's Marmalade
2 pounds of orange, lemon, grapefruit or more if you wish.
We used an entire bag of wonderful Florida Naval Oranges, seedless and 1 grapefruit, again Florida and seedless, and 1 lemon....we cut the whole mess up into 1/4 inch dice. Then you put it in a very large, deep and heavy bottomed pan if you have it...and bring to a boil for 1 hour, (this was where we messed up with the foot rubbing....twas near the end) then add about 7 pounds of sugar and bring to the boil again and boil for 40 minutes. Is this simple or what? Yes if you're not getting a foot massage! Now once it's boiled for 40 minutes, it should be like thick syrup dripping off a wooden spoon, ladle into hot sterilized jars and seal with hot sterilized lids and rings....
Should make about 12 jars, those tiny jelly jars of Marmalade and it's really and truly was the foot rub by the way.
Oh Jeepers Creepes...Life Lesson attention to where you are first post was on my high school blog... that was one terrific foot rub!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

We've Moved!

Gosh I don't even know what to write about that...we've moved to Abu Dhabi. I must say, first impressions I don't like it so well. We seem to be out in the middle of nowhere. We've found one gas station and one grocery store in this area, everything else is about 20 minutes away. Nothing is as convenient or handy as it was in Dubai. I love the villa, just don't care for the area. The villa is about 4000 sq ft with 5 ensuite bedrooms, a small maids room and bath, plus a nice laundry area, two half if you're counting, that's 8 toilets total, there are 3 showers and 2 tubs total. There are 2 family rooms, 1 formal living room, 1 formal dining room and a large kitchen with a huge center island. Why is it no matter how large a kitchen there are never enough cabinets? I don't get that. Quite honestly if there were more cabinets here I would likely never find anything. I might need a map now. We have a private garden and pool. This complex is on a golf course, it has a large community pool, sauna and steam rooms, gym with equipment, a small grocery store, a nice cafe that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner courses along with coffee and pastries. There are some meeting rooms in the clubhouse too and all of that is just 4 villas away from me. Very convenient just remember we're in the middle of nowhere! I've hired a maid service for 2 days a week and for the moment have a friends maid with me for a few days. So helpful....the floors and dust here are a constant problem and I'm too old for all of that...or at the very least my body is too old.
The move certainly pointed out a few things to we're too old for this stuff! two it's a lot of work and three I really need to downsize. I've been doing my best to toss with wild abandon. As you all know I quilt, that seems to be the worst of the boxes and moving mess...sigh...I will definitely downsize all of that fabric and those books and supplies. I've begun the process. For now I need to concentrate on packing to come home for the summer...oh much to do.
This is the outside of the villa...a small garden is in front along with a garage, then two kind of narrow walkways to the back, one on either side, then a nice sized pool in the back...large enough to get some good exercise and thus far we've found early mornings and early evenings to be quite enjoyable...sort of like taking a warmish bath...the pool is about 5 strokes long...not bad.
So the maid service I have (never had that before) is a man and his wife...they are so sweet, Sri Lankans....he does gardening and odd jobs and will wash my car too. They have a 4 year old daughter who comes about 1 day a week. She loves to draw, she's at that I've bought her an easel and thus far just the magic pens and a roll of paper...there is also a chalk board and one of those magic wipe boards on the easel...I can't wait til she comes again and plays there. She's the same age as my grand daughter and though it's not exactly the same, it's kind of nice just having a little giggler around now and then. Her parents are just marvelous, fast, efficient...lovely cheerful people. They will look after things while we're gone nice. They were very highly recommended by a colleague of Tom's and they actually live with them, though they needed extra they come here twice a week for about five hours...perfect for me! Also gives me company. Our other friend is in the states for a month so her maid agreed to come and help me for a few days...she's staying with us in the guest room though, those maids rooms are only about the size of a small walk in closet and would only hold a cot...I can't have anyone sleeping in my house like that! She's also lovely...very beautiful Ethiopian girl...she works at a nice steady pace. We have actually been working together to get us settled in here. I briefly showed her how to single crochet this am and told her once we quit for the day, after supper, I will help her begin a project...she's so excited, she's beside herself. How grand is that? Typically at the end of her day she just goes to her room...I don't know if she reads or writes or anything...some of these folks live such a sad sad life...this beautiful child is only 25 years old and has been here as a maid since she was 16, she sends all of her earnings home to support her mother, father and two sisters and a brother. We hear this story all the time...for us as middle class Americans it is just unimaginable how these folks live every single day! My heart cries for them. This weekend we packed her off to visit her cousin here and as we were preparing...I looked at her and just went and hugged her...then hurriedly walked away so she could not see the tears. Just giving her extra work makes a huge difference in her life, also the other maid/gardener/handyman couple...same thing. Most American's have no inkling how truly fortunate they are...these folks are a daily reminder for me and I treat them as I would want to be treated and i work right along with them...until I wear out then I quit and something in them just keeps them going...they are truly amazing.
A couple of books worth reading....The Help by Kathryn Stockett about maids in the deep South during the mid 60's...shame on those senseless folks who employed them, also The Island by Victoria Hislop about the Spinalonga leper colony off the coast of Crete the book goes from modern times back to WWII...amazing what those folks endured.
I have much to do....will post pictures as my progress increases...I'm done with three bedrooms, l/r d/r f/r 1 and all the working on my sewing room. After the curtains are in I'll take some pictures and post them.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh let me see....memories of Gabatoni's pizza

Thursday evenings begin our weekend here in Dubai and about 3 weeks ago I tried these two recipes from this book I had bought Tom for Christmas. I got him pans too and a pizza peel. We had been so frustrated trying to find a decent pizza here, it's not easy to be sure. There is one restaurant called Il Forno in Mirdiff Mall that is not bad but they do not use proper pepperoni. They do however have this wonderful very thin and crispy potato strings they add to certain pizzas we rather like that. But if you're from Springfield, Ilinois, USA and we are, you should know Gabatoni's Pizza. We never miss a trip to Gabbie's on our trips home. We've gone there since high school days over 45 years ago. Of course we always go to Joe Roger's too...oh Marianne if you stumble on this silly little blog, we do miss you! Now if I could even come close to her chili my work here would be done...
We did notice last night that Dubai Mall has a new pizzaria, we must try that place, we noticed it has a proper brick oven with a live fire...oh wish we had one of those to be sure!
If you want the best pizza on earth please visit Pompeii, Italy...there is a medium sized restaurant just to the right of the entrance to the ruins...sort of back a tiny bit on the right, totally family run place, sadly I do not know the name of it. But the brick oven was first and foremost in the restaurant....and the place was so simple and the pizza was simply magnificent! I took pictures of that pizza but they're not on my computer...those authentic brick ovens the pizza gets little tiny burnt crispy bits on top...oh it's just marvelous. Worth the trip. We ate pizza all along the Amalfi what a trip!

Start with this book and pans like these. The book can be purchased at all major bookstores and is online at Amazon. I use the Sciilian pizza dough recipe it has lemon juice in it. The recipe will easily make four 10 inch thin crusts.. I lightly grease the pan with olive oil and a paper towel before putting the crust on it. Another wonderful thing is you can so easily divide this dough into rounds, refrigerate them in zip loc bags, use within a few days. I bet you could freeze it even though I have not tried that. When I did refrigerate it, I let it come to room temp, then rolled it out. I roll it up onto my rolling pin to put it on the pizza pan. Once the pizza is thoroughly cooked it slides off onto a cutting surface very easily. I think it is the lemon juice that makes this dough so truly is perfect. At this point this is the best pizza we've had in Dubai, they don't know pizza here.

Bake naked pizza 3 to 5 minutes.

I make my sauce exactly like the recipe in the book for pizzaiola sauce except that I am rather fond of shallots so I add two finely chopped shallots to my sauce and I just used Green Giant brand whole peeled roma tomatoes and squeezed them into the pan, I do not strain etc as the recipe suggests as I rather like a small chunk of tomato here and there.

This pizza is mushrooms, sliced shallots and wonderful tangy green olives, they have nothing inside them. I use fresh mozzarella that you can buy in a loaf here in Dubai, they will happily slice it for you, so I get about 1/3 of a loaf sliced.
I have also made a white pizza, I brush the crust with olive oil, add finely chopped garlic toes, my fresh garden basil and cover with mozzarella...ummmm good. I can't resist these wonderful olives so I add them too.

This is half of Tom's pizza or nothing but the states it would also have sausage but he's not fond of any of the sausages here in Dubai. I also sprinkle the pizzas with parmegiano reggiano before adding my mozzarella, it's a bit cheaper here than at home in the states, but now I'm spoiled by it and will always use it. I didn't post the actual recipes due to copyright issues...wouldn't want anyone mad at me. A friend or relative can email me and I will send it though. The book is nice and you will enjoy all the recipes. I'm making focaccia next. This recipe is so near to Gabatoni's that we feel we have that wonderful "taste of home" that we miss so much.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well yes we did go home for lovely to be there with our family....the result is a picture with all our grandchildren, such a rare occasion that we're all together at once, for some reason we did not get in any pictures with our children...hmmm...
It was so grand to see them...and now we miss them and they're all busy doing stuff we're missing. I hate that part. I will be packed and ready to go home come summer!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day and Life Lesson #11

Happy Valentine's Day friends, neighbors and family. I'm missing home and family today and my heart is full of memories. How sweet my daughter sent me this big heart a little while ago and I just wanted to share it.
So what is life lesson #11...well it's simple really...don't plan on a romantic Valentine's Day with a sweetie who has the flu! Actually I knew yesterday he had the my gift to him today was to get up bright and early and make homemade chicken soup. We'll celebrate the day on Thursday, hoping of course, that the flu is on the mend. We're going to go see True Grit, it opens in Dubai then. We'll go to Pottery Barn to pick some pillows for our new couch, our gift to each other. We've gotten all the romantic gifts over the years so we decided we'd get pillows this year.

I'm working on a scarf using Bamboo yarn, it's about 2 feet long now and still growing, but I have a picture here of when it began so you can see the colors. It's keeping me busy in the evenings while watching tv. I went back and got a few more skeins, in fact all they had, and got a plain creamy white to add to it. More to come on that and I'll eventually post another picture of my living room with pillows added. The pale turquoise color yarn is for my daughter, it's called Rosemary, love that name for it, the creamy white is not pictured here.

Probably time to make my sweetie a cup of hot tea.

Monday, January 31, 2011

I checked and it's Life Lesson #9 and I'll add #10 too

I'm so sure there will be a great many more life lessons...well I could go right on into 10...and that would be find a better hairdo...oh my...I'm never in one place quite long enough to get into a good routine with my hair. My hair has grown so long it is reaching hag status...oh yes, HAG. It is accentuating the grey and the wrinkles! AAACCKKK! I must straight away make an appointment once I'm back in Dubai, for my hair! My hair has grown so fast that I look as if I'm wrapped in a grey blanket on my head! AAACCKKK! My husband says he likes it long...I honestly think he cannot see at this point. I think while I make a hair appointment I will have a massage for my weary traveling bones...bonus! Until then if you see a brown paper bag with eye holes cut out..that would be me under it!

Bible Study/Life Lesson #9 or is it 10?

So here are the lovely ladies, my new friends. Left to right Carol, Jenny, Lorene, Linda, Ruth, Sarah, Barbara. Ruth is my dear neighbor, my pickle friend. I'll explain that another day.
If one waits long enough one can experience yet another Life Lesson #9...that is, if one desires to spend time with one certain neighbor, the pickle lady, then one opens oneself up to a plethora of new friends and in my case the Bible to boot. I had never done any sort of Bible Study before, though I do think of myself as a Christian and I can pretty much name the books of the Bible by memory and even quote a scripture or two fairly accurately. Actually for me studying the Bible amounted to reading passages and figuring out, with the other ladies, what it really meant. Sort of like a Book Club except this book is the Bible. So it was a double bonus, new friends and a new understanding of parts of the Bible I had not explored before. Even a triple bonus as the entire experience reminded me of my grandparents and that is always a good memory.
And speaking of memory I so want to remember this group of ladies, they are each and every one so special.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

so where did I go to escape the snow?

The beach of course! It was a tad chillyish there too however there was no snow. I did fall on the boardwalk to the beach as it was covered in frost, who knew? The sun had not yet hit the boardwalk and just where I fell there was a dip downwards and kersplunk I went! I survived but my arthritis is telling me daily for a couple of days now how much it did not like that jolt!
We're now back home in the mountains, enjoying it here while missing it there at the beach. I've been blog reading whilst drinking my coffee. I love OPB'S...or Other People's Blogs. I made several comments this morning and now wonder if I will ever hear from that lady, I bookmarked her, maybe I'll visit her again...her blog made my mind go spinning with even more ideas than it had before. Maybe that's why I love OPB'S. I shared a couple of ideas and quickie recipes. I'll do the quickie recipes here later, I want to add pictures when I do that so I'll wait on that.
This is what I witnessed after I finally made it down to the of God's greatest gifts, a gorgeous sunrise.
So what were my ideas? Hmmm...well last year I purchased a box full of hand drawn caricatures in frames at a "flea" shop at the beach, or maybe it was two summers ago...well anyway...I had planned to hang them all in my redecorated bathroom or have them transferred to tiles, making a border around the middle of the wall...well I didn't do that, but I also had thought of copying them on the copier, then applying them to muslin, embroider them, then add some patchwork around the edges and make pillows. Now those two were my original ideas, this morning I thought...oh wow...I could make piles of pillows for the bed I want my husband to build...I've seen two styles of single size beds that hang from chains on a porch, we could do our own version of that, pile it up with my caricature pillows and a cozy afghan...I'm always making one of those and how cute would that be?!!! A perfect quiet reading spot on the porch. It would also be a nice airplane project...stitching all those pieces by hand. We travel a lot. I could prepare several pieces to keep me busy and very soon I would have a bed full of fun pillows. I have over 30, maybe closer to 50 caricatures to choose from. Now to convince my hubby to build that enclosed porch on the back of our beach joint. I have the entire thing pictured in my minds eye.
It's good to daydream because sometimes they really do come true. Many many years ago I started collecting yellow casseroles and other kitchen items, all yellow from junk shops, TJ Maxx, garage sales, whatever I could find...for my beach house. My oldest daughter thought I was nuts, I carefully wrapped them all up and kept them in an old antique cupboard, once in a while day dreaming about my someday house...well someday came in 2006 when we bought our was years coming but so worth the wait and there were all my little sunny yellow bits and pieces to go in my house. They were all $1 to $5 items and what fun! I had even bought a set of white with yellow trim melmac dishes I brought home from Dubai...again, they thought I was nuts. I brought yellow plastic glasses and serving dishes. All cheap things, and all look terrific in our beach joint. I love it!
So in conclusion, it pays to I'll begin to make those pillows...and nurture that porch daydream.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where have I been? Escaping this beautiful snow!

You know the song, I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere man, cross the deserts bare man, I've breathed the mountain air man, of travel I've had my share man, I've been everywhere..oh thank you Johnny Cash for those memories.
Tom had meetings here in the states just prior to Christmas so we got to spend our first Christmas (together) at home in the past eight years. That was wonderful! I didn't have time really to decorate so just hauled out a little metal tree I have, looked high and low for a few sparkly lights to add to it, only needed a dozen or two, all the lights I saw were hundreds...didn't need all that...but it was still festive enough for me. I had every intention of doing a Christmas post and using some of my most favorite photos to do it, but those ideas got thrown by the wayside as our lives went busily along.
We returned to our daughters just outside Atlanta on Christmas Day, narrowly escaping 9 to 12 inches of snow at home. Tom did delay his Dec 26th flight a day due to snow in Atlanta as he did not want me to drive with the risk of black ice. Then my daughter called and told me about the 9 to 12 inches and said not to come home, so I came to the beach youngest daughter and her family came along for a few days, then about two weeks later my two older daughters did a Thelma and Louise trip down for a long weekend with me. Now Tom returns in a couple of days. I've had a few interesting weeks here, time I cherish.