Friday, September 14, 2007

Desert Quilter begins blogging

1. modern technology and the ability it gives you to make new friends
2. having a hobby
3. a bright sunny day
4. flowers in bloom
5. birds singing

I stumbled on another quilters blog and enjoyed it so much, noted the sign up section and just signed up. The other quilter also included entries to a Gratitude Journal. I still tell people about that. I read Sarah Ban Breathnoch's Simple Abundance frequently. I even have her audio tapes. Ahh....idea.....listen to them again while quilting. In the book Sarah suggests keeping a Gratitude Journal. I have done that and it is life changing. It really does open your mind and your eyes and your heart to the daily simple things that you are truly grateful for but often do not notice........sort of like stopping to smell the flowers along your way.

I am expat quilter living in Dubai, UAE with my college administrator husband and one delightful white boxer who truly believes she is human. I am therefore exposed to International quilters. We come together in quilting and celebrate our differences. The women here are literally from all over the world. We have discovered that though we are vastly different as far as culture, religion, past history, and literally everything in our lives we come together in quilting and discover that underneath the layers of our histories we are all basically quite alike........we all want the same things in our lives, home, love of family and friends, good education opportunities, and peace in the world. It's been a fascinating experience to get to know these women. We've all learned so much from each other. Now if politicians quilted...maybe..........maybe we could achieve world peace.