Friday, July 31, 2009

Chirping firealarm

I'm at the beach in our little house we call Camel Lot.  The fire alarm is busy chirping at regular intervals like a hungry baby bird.  I woke to potty and then that chirp kept me up so went to the porch where I've enjoyed an hour of night sounds, a rare gentle breeze and lastly noticed the humidity so came inside to steady air conditioning.  I am missing my crochet, I left it at home but do have some applique with me to stitch on but find myself on the computer in those idle moments instead of being creative.  I'm itching to crochet, have some new ideas and patterns to explore and I so love working on a piece and letting it grow in my lap especially when it's cold as it warms you as you work.  I am eager to try a simple large granny square to cover an old stool I found, it's out in the shed here.....need to paint it first perhaps and redo the top so that a crochet cover will fit nicely over fresh padding.  I have so many things I want to do and so little time it seems.
Today we planted two raspberry bushes, three blueberry bushes and spearmint, chocolate mint, rosemary and a gorgeous red Mandivilla vine.  My hands were so black from all the soil amendments so I washed the car to get them clean then we went for a swim to cool off.  It was so humid you could spray yourself with the garden hose and it felt like bath water!  
I brought my new bike down, a red and silver beauty with streamers on the handlebars and a "fat butt" seat, it was a find at the Screen Door for $50.00!  I love it, it needs a basket and it will be perfect!