Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Seven Days Baskets Quilt

I finished this quilt actually after I got home to the states, had to cut and sew the binding, my favorite machine quilter, Suzet, had just finished it for me.  It was featured in Seven Days Magazine in Dubai, hence the name.  One of the reporters visited my stitch group, the Piecemakers, and I happened to be the only one stitching that day so my picture was taken working on this quilt.  I gave it to my Mother and this is her bedroom.   

Class Reunion

About 3 summers ago I got reconnected with some of my old high school friends basically through reading our home town obituaries, since you leave your email address we were able to reconnect with our old friends and began meeting for lunch or dinner whenever we were in town, which led to a lot of email correspondence and a monster renewal of some precious old friendships.  We've just had our 45th class reunion and all but one of our emailing buddies were able to attend, we had the best time and are busy planning our next adventure.