Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is my Monday morning stitch group, The Piecemakers, women from all over the world. We were having a Sri Lankan lunch prepared by the lady in Pink. It was delicious but oh so hot!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lunch with the Piecemakers

left to right, Becky (me), USA Judy visiting from Saudi, Julie Ellen, New Zealand, Geetha, Sri Lanka, Margaret, Fiji  and Carmel, South Africa.  
October 4, 2009  After a trip to Karama "pursing", our version of shopping the knock off souks for purses we ate lunch at this Sri Lankan restaurant where the food is spicey and wonderful. Our Sri Lankan member does the ordering and explaining at the restaurant; and we have a grand time bargaining with the souk boys.  I'm looking forward already to the next time.  Often, Geetha will stop in and pick up something to bring to our stitch group for our morning tea.  It's fun to sample other cultures.  Hers happens to be quite hot!  But you must soothe it with yogurt only, there are two dishes of different yogurts on our trays, there is one wonderful dessert and the rest are basically spicey veggies.  

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy 24th Anniversary

I think God probably gave me the best husband on earth.  As a young man I used to call him "every Mother's dream" as he was a gentleman in all ways and a straight A student, he was kind, courteous, thoughtful and a friend to all plus he had a delicious sense of humor, a combination of both his parents.    Well we grew up eventually and I married that "every mother's dream".  He bought me this lovely little rose and white gold with a circlet of diamonds necklace for our 24th anniversary which we celebrated at a restaurant called More which just happens to be in the Gold and Diamond Park in Dubai.   We have such a lovely love story though he does not like me telling it, he says it is ours and should remain ours, isn't that sweet?