Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunrise over the Blue Ridge Mountains

Oh it's just lovely to watch a sunrise over the Blue Ridge Mountains. I've watched so many, watched the rain, and seen rainbows encompassing me, watched the snow cover the mountains and valleys, watched fireflies at night along with the milky way and shooting stars, watched the trees turn color in the fall and leaves blow across the valley, watched the starkness of winter and the delight of spring and the warmth of summer and all the while watching the sun move from one side of my view to the other. I can also watch the moon rise over the mountains and see the reflection of the setting sun. Oh I'm quite lucky indeed to have my wonderful view of the mountains.
And now we've added an all weather porch that allows me to sit outside and watch the wonders unfold before it's raining and I can hear the splish splash of drops as I sit and watch the grey fluffy clouds settle in amongst the mountain ridges.
I'm talking with my hubby via ichat and crocheting and writing all at the same time. I'm planning on making my home made noodles this afternoon for our Thanksgiving dinner, my daughters will help me but first they had chores to do and I had to sit and watch and listen to the mountain rain.