Thursday, December 17, 2009


Oh I found a cute dollhouse, just across the street in the children's department of Macy's. I think my grand daughter will love it, it's rather simple, yet sturdy, perfect for three year old fingers. I went on line, ordered it and the horse barn for my grandson and had them shipped.
I remember getting a dollhouse for Christmas one year, my sister got the farm set. Before Christmas we went on a hunt for gifts and found them tucked away in our Mother's closet. My sister and I quietly played with them while our Mother was busy elsewhere, then we put everything back as we had found them and anticipated Christmas morning where we so enjoyed them all over again. I wonder how old we were and I wonder if our parents ever knew what we did. I wish I still had that doll house, it was one of those metal ones with the plastic furniture. I would keep it at my house for my grand daughter to play with when she visits.
I just love all the secrecy and excitement of Christmas don't you?

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I'm so addicted to OPB'S, translated Other Peoples Blogs, perhaps I should say OWB'S translated Other Women's Blogs. I just love them. Some are so bright and cheery and they just make my day sometimes. I get tons of ideas and add to my already very long wish list of "stuff to make" or
"stuff to search for". I have so many ideas, some are actually my own, floating about in my head that I am on OPB overload!
I'm sitting in a hotel room in Philadelphia, USA waiting on my DH to return from a meeting. Oh I could go shop, I could go wander, I could go to the spa for any treatment I would like, I could do all kinds of things, but you know what? I am quite content here in the silence and privacy of this room reading OPB'S and looking at all the pretty pictures.
I'm also searching for a doll house for my sweet little grand daughter, thus far nothing totally appealing has jumped out at me. Years ago when my own girls were her size I found a darling little doll house for some little critters like hedge hogs or something, it was so cute, and that is what is in my head and I'm searching for one like that. Wonder what ever happened to the one we had? I'm going to post a picture of my sweet little grand daughter, all dressed up in her favorite outfit, she actually went to church like this, another day she wore her robe...she's quite independent. I love that about her. I so miss seeing her when I'm away.