Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cousins and Aunts

We're in Washington, DC with our daughter and her family and had a lovely visit with my Aunt and my cousin. My daughter is named after my Aunt. We've been blessed with good weather and we head back to the mountains today. The only bump we had here was a rather large protest march which put a bit of a damper on our holiday. I can't imagine living here and trying to work and live around all those kinds of things.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The sun appeared for a beach walk

Morning at the beach

Oh sigh....I'm so delighted. We're at our own little corner of heaven down at Sunset Beach. Just sitting on the porch watching the slow arrival of the morning, while listening to the rain, the wind whistling through the trees and the occasional juggling of the bamboo wind chimes, drip drip drip as the rain settles on down the drain pipe. We're snuggled up in jammies, robes and a nice big afghan each draped over our shoulders, snug as bugs. I've been reading OPB'S as you all know I delight in those. (Other Peoples Blog's). I've found several recipes I want to try and a new quilt idea and a couple of decorating ideas and I've had some revelations out here on my own. I believe I will take my little red glider and rocker back to the mountains and put them on that porch, then I can move a table out here and a pair of chairs so we can eat breakfast out here or the boys can color or whatever. My herbs are mostly still growing away...only the basil finally gave up, must've been colder down here during Christmas time and it finally quit, but it had a long growing season. All the perennial herbs though are flourishing nicely and I may have to make some ice tea today so I can use some mint, or a cup of hot tea would do. I have found the neatest way to make pies in individual portions and have long planned on making them...ordered the jars from Amazon, brought them along and today is the day! I am going to make them for us and for our two little old neighbors I adore here. Here's the link to find the recipe, you will all love the entire blog I'm sure. Meanwhile I will be happily cooking during the rain.
I've added this picture of one of my favorite beach places here, though this one is not mine, I just love the colors and the landscaping, it all looks so cheery to me. I knew if I sat here just long enough Tom would decide to make breakfast..he lucky can a girl get?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

do you ever? just fill yourself up?

Oh we're home in the mountains at last...just not for long. Just a couple of days, so many errands to run, some fun some just tedious but must be done. But all that aside...oh how lovely to be here, snuggling down in our very own bed! It's glorious! I've been getting all excited reading OPB'S...translation Other People's Blogs... I've found adorable decorating ideas, my head is swimming and crochet and quilting things that I must do...simply must and I got my book order from BAMM and oh oh many new ideas and things to do. I love Jan Eaton crochet books, I'm now the delighted owner of three very special ones, granny squares, ripples and a crochet encyclopedia and I just cannot keep my hands off them. I have been busy experimenting with different things and having so much fun. No wonder Granny's are known to sit and many things to make and I'm blessed that my children and grandchildren adore homemade things! How cool is that?!!!
This is just a simple picture on our new enclosed porch, but it shows the name of our home Elmer's Tune, a sign my husband made for me, we named our home Elmer's Tune from a song his Mother used to sing for us and oh how we love both, the song and our home!

Monday, January 11, 2010

and the Big event of the year in Dubai

The opening of the Burj Dubai whose name was immediately changed to the Burj Khalifa. We watched the fireworks from the Eid Prayer Park across the street from our villa. It didn't last long but it was really beautiful. This was on the eve of Sheikh Mohammed's ascension day as well as the day of his son's wedding, Sheikh Hamdan.

New Years Eve

We watched the fireworks from the Burj Al Arab from our bedroom window, with Daisy stretching to see was lovely. We had bought a bottle of Asti Spumante at Duty Free our previous flight in and we celebrated with that. We watched the ball drop in Times Square the next morning at 9am on television. So we celebrate New Years twice. I think we went to see the new Meryl Streep movie that day, It's Complicated. Such fun, she is just tremendous as always. We had a nice late lunch out then back home to Daisy who stayed busy chewing chewies from her Santa stocking. Boy was she upset when I put the Christmas decorations away...she followed me to the closet as I put her stocking on the shelf, then gave me that look that said but Mom, if you put it away, then Santa won't come. I just told her that's right, not until next Christmas. She has been to the closet door twice for a sniff.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve dinner in the garden, note the begging snooper under my elbow. Such a lovely evening...we had a very simple dinner of turkey breast and homemade noodles and then two pies! It was yummy and all that we wanted. Daisy got a special treat, a bite or two of turkey breast. I have left overs in the freezer for a nice turkey stew or pie when we return. I even boiled the bones for broth, I'm so proud of me. We had candlelight, and Christmas music from the computer. A rather different Christmas than we're used to, but lovely none the less.

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning and Daisy has figured out that Santa left her a present, it was like watching a three year old child, just absolute wonder on her face.