Friday, February 26, 2010

Weddings and such

This is a picture of a wedding house....we see these pop up around our neighborhood from time to time. We never see the bride or groom, just know there is a wedding taking place from the beautiful lights. From what we understand there are papers signed, the men celebrate in one place the women in another and the groom comes to fetch the bride at midnight. Different from what we're all used to but a marriage none the less and in the night sky these brightly lit homes are so beautiful. We've seen the men with their sticks and drums, singing and dancing in the night air, but we have never seen the women, they are so carefully hidden from view.
I'm working on many projects at the moment. Two quilts, and one afghan with more in my minds eye so I am trying to get my work done and move forward with the things I want to do next.
I spied a gorgeous well organized sewing room on an OPB earlier...oh OPB? Other People's Blogs! It was just so neat, tidy, organized. It looked like maybe a garage that had been redone. This lady was so organized, she labeled every thing so everything was quite literally at her fingertips. Oh how many times have I searched for an hour for some little thing I think I really need and of course have never found it in that hour but found about ten other things I want to fool with? That's me, a professional at puttering and pondering!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olive Shells...who knew?

These are the olive shells and the fossil I have picked up on the beach in Fujairah, UAE on the Gulf of Oman off the Indian Ocean.
I did a tiny bit of research about the olive shells and discovered they are carnivorous, feeding on bivalves and carrion...carrion being other dead animals...they take their food and burrow into the sand to feed. Apparently all the shells I found were already dead themselves as there is nothing inside them. They secrete a mucous that can produce a purple dye. I am intrigued by them as they are each one vastly different, much like so many other things in nature. It does make one wonder how on earth nothing is completely identical, now that fascinates me! I have a rather pretty glass jar with a lid at home and I think I will put this collection of olive shells in that. I so enjoyed my quiet moments this morning gathering them on the beach and daydreaming about how to best display them.
And the haven't been able to discover much about's just beautiful, a bit heavy for it's small size. I have researched some star fish and discovered they too are vastly different and there are many in the species though I did not find anything even close really to this fossil. I wonder about some sort of lily or other plant life. I just found one called Bryophyta that looks to me a bit like ferns of some sort just found that too called a crinoid. You can find just about anything on the internet.
My memory these days is not such that I would remember all this data but it is fun to search it out and write a dibble dab about it. Meanwhile I will continue my collecting of shells tomorrow and for now will dive back into my book...The Mermaid's Chair by Sue Monk Kidd. I find it rather intriguing.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Valentine

My husband I had a rather quiet, though sort of unusual Valentine's Day...It was one of those jet lag nights that I could not get to sleep, laid there thinking what can I do to make that little silver box of candy more special for him? The man who has everything, wants nothing is difficult to plan or buy for as he literally wants nothing. Well I got up and went downstairs and cleaned up the kitchen, having been too tired to clean it up I cleaned it, prepared all the coffee fixings for the next morning, laid out a plate, the box of pastries we had purchased, a banana and his cup and spoon and set out the precious little silver box of delightful Bateel chocolates, the very best in Dubai we think. So I finally fell asleep about 6am and my husband was up at 6:30, I heard nothing of course. He kissed me goodbye, told me Happy Valentines Day and I groggily came to and went downstairs to at least feed the dog...and there waiting for me on the breakfast bar was my identical little Bateel box and a large card and an even larger Big Brown Bag...inside was a lovely fun bathrobe we had spied the week before at the new Bloomingdale's in Dubai Mall. I laughed out loud at the silver box of candy....we were both stunned that we had picked the same box of chocolates...two minds, one heart. I hope all of you had a lovely Valentine's Day too.