Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Home For Christmas

I'll be home for Christmas, that song just rings through my head since last Monday it's nearly all I've thought about. Tom was called to the US for a weeks worth of meetings which brought us home for Christmas for the first time in 8 years. The morning of the call he woke me with a start, he thought I was awake and he was talking to me. I knew I had to get moving earlier as I had my stitch group and our Christmas lunch and then remembered I also had to take Tom to a meeting on beach rd, so I hurriedly began getting ready, then I heard Tom on the phone about this meeting in the US and my mind just totally left me. I was completely out of it at stitch group and lunch, nearly don't remember a thing about that day...I seemed to be walking around in a big thick fog. I had packing to do, last minute shopping to do as we were leaving in two days! Wow...
Now I can slow down and reflect just a's a picture of my friends as we had our lunch at PF Chang's in Mall of the Emirates, I do remember the food was great and we talked about one of our members engagement and wedding plans. I think I waved Merry Christmas to them as I left in my inner fog....
Today I have a few presents to wrap, some finishing touches to do on my guest rooms and I want to try making yeast rolls, I haven't done anything like that in years, sounds so fun to me. I so love this time of year, snow is expected too, though hopefully it's going to not stick. Tom has to return to Dubai the day after Christmas and I will stay until he returns for our planned vacation at home in late January. Hopefully the few weeks apart will allow me some cleaning time at home, as well as some sewing time. I did pack two quilts to work on and a crochet project.
Merry Christmas to all.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Behind, far far behind

So you want to know how I feel about being behind? This pictures says it for me.....I've been here there and yon and experienced so many different things since I last wrote a note here and in everything I do I seem to be mostly behind. So slurp a noodle!