Monday, January 31, 2011

I checked and it's Life Lesson #9 and I'll add #10 too

I'm so sure there will be a great many more life lessons...well I could go right on into 10...and that would be find a better hairdo...oh my...I'm never in one place quite long enough to get into a good routine with my hair. My hair has grown so long it is reaching hag status...oh yes, HAG. It is accentuating the grey and the wrinkles! AAACCKKK! I must straight away make an appointment once I'm back in Dubai, for my hair! My hair has grown so fast that I look as if I'm wrapped in a grey blanket on my head! AAACCKKK! My husband says he likes it long...I honestly think he cannot see at this point. I think while I make a hair appointment I will have a massage for my weary traveling bones...bonus! Until then if you see a brown paper bag with eye holes cut out..that would be me under it!

Bible Study/Life Lesson #9 or is it 10?

So here are the lovely ladies, my new friends. Left to right Carol, Jenny, Lorene, Linda, Ruth, Sarah, Barbara. Ruth is my dear neighbor, my pickle friend. I'll explain that another day.
If one waits long enough one can experience yet another Life Lesson #9...that is, if one desires to spend time with one certain neighbor, the pickle lady, then one opens oneself up to a plethora of new friends and in my case the Bible to boot. I had never done any sort of Bible Study before, though I do think of myself as a Christian and I can pretty much name the books of the Bible by memory and even quote a scripture or two fairly accurately. Actually for me studying the Bible amounted to reading passages and figuring out, with the other ladies, what it really meant. Sort of like a Book Club except this book is the Bible. So it was a double bonus, new friends and a new understanding of parts of the Bible I had not explored before. Even a triple bonus as the entire experience reminded me of my grandparents and that is always a good memory.
And speaking of memory I so want to remember this group of ladies, they are each and every one so special.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

so where did I go to escape the snow?

The beach of course! It was a tad chillyish there too however there was no snow. I did fall on the boardwalk to the beach as it was covered in frost, who knew? The sun had not yet hit the boardwalk and just where I fell there was a dip downwards and kersplunk I went! I survived but my arthritis is telling me daily for a couple of days now how much it did not like that jolt!
We're now back home in the mountains, enjoying it here while missing it there at the beach. I've been blog reading whilst drinking my coffee. I love OPB'S...or Other People's Blogs. I made several comments this morning and now wonder if I will ever hear from that lady, I bookmarked her, maybe I'll visit her again...her blog made my mind go spinning with even more ideas than it had before. Maybe that's why I love OPB'S. I shared a couple of ideas and quickie recipes. I'll do the quickie recipes here later, I want to add pictures when I do that so I'll wait on that.
This is what I witnessed after I finally made it down to the of God's greatest gifts, a gorgeous sunrise.
So what were my ideas? Hmmm...well last year I purchased a box full of hand drawn caricatures in frames at a "flea" shop at the beach, or maybe it was two summers ago...well anyway...I had planned to hang them all in my redecorated bathroom or have them transferred to tiles, making a border around the middle of the wall...well I didn't do that, but I also had thought of copying them on the copier, then applying them to muslin, embroider them, then add some patchwork around the edges and make pillows. Now those two were my original ideas, this morning I thought...oh wow...I could make piles of pillows for the bed I want my husband to build...I've seen two styles of single size beds that hang from chains on a porch, we could do our own version of that, pile it up with my caricature pillows and a cozy afghan...I'm always making one of those and how cute would that be?!!! A perfect quiet reading spot on the porch. It would also be a nice airplane project...stitching all those pieces by hand. We travel a lot. I could prepare several pieces to keep me busy and very soon I would have a bed full of fun pillows. I have over 30, maybe closer to 50 caricatures to choose from. Now to convince my hubby to build that enclosed porch on the back of our beach joint. I have the entire thing pictured in my minds eye.
It's good to daydream because sometimes they really do come true. Many many years ago I started collecting yellow casseroles and other kitchen items, all yellow from junk shops, TJ Maxx, garage sales, whatever I could find...for my beach house. My oldest daughter thought I was nuts, I carefully wrapped them all up and kept them in an old antique cupboard, once in a while day dreaming about my someday house...well someday came in 2006 when we bought our was years coming but so worth the wait and there were all my little sunny yellow bits and pieces to go in my house. They were all $1 to $5 items and what fun! I had even bought a set of white with yellow trim melmac dishes I brought home from Dubai...again, they thought I was nuts. I brought yellow plastic glasses and serving dishes. All cheap things, and all look terrific in our beach joint. I love it!
So in conclusion, it pays to I'll begin to make those pillows...and nurture that porch daydream.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where have I been? Escaping this beautiful snow!

You know the song, I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere man, cross the deserts bare man, I've breathed the mountain air man, of travel I've had my share man, I've been everywhere..oh thank you Johnny Cash for those memories.
Tom had meetings here in the states just prior to Christmas so we got to spend our first Christmas (together) at home in the past eight years. That was wonderful! I didn't have time really to decorate so just hauled out a little metal tree I have, looked high and low for a few sparkly lights to add to it, only needed a dozen or two, all the lights I saw were hundreds...didn't need all that...but it was still festive enough for me. I had every intention of doing a Christmas post and using some of my most favorite photos to do it, but those ideas got thrown by the wayside as our lives went busily along.
We returned to our daughters just outside Atlanta on Christmas Day, narrowly escaping 9 to 12 inches of snow at home. Tom did delay his Dec 26th flight a day due to snow in Atlanta as he did not want me to drive with the risk of black ice. Then my daughter called and told me about the 9 to 12 inches and said not to come home, so I came to the beach youngest daughter and her family came along for a few days, then about two weeks later my two older daughters did a Thelma and Louise trip down for a long weekend with me. Now Tom returns in a couple of days. I've had a few interesting weeks here, time I cherish.