Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well yes we did go home for Christmas...so lovely to be there with our family....the result is a picture with all our grandchildren, such a rare occasion that we're all together at once, for some reason we did not get in any pictures with our children...hmmm...
It was so grand to see them...and now we miss them and they're all busy doing stuff we're missing. I hate that part. I will be packed and ready to go home come summer!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day and Life Lesson #11

Happy Valentine's Day friends, neighbors and family. I'm missing home and family today and my heart is full of memories. How sweet my daughter sent me this big heart a little while ago and I just wanted to share it.
So what is life lesson #11...well it's simple really...don't plan on a romantic Valentine's Day with a sweetie who has the flu! Actually I knew yesterday he had the flu...so my gift to him today was to get up bright and early and make homemade chicken soup. We'll celebrate the day on Thursday, hoping of course, that the flu is on the mend. We're going to go see True Grit, it opens in Dubai then. We'll go to Pottery Barn to pick some pillows for our new couch, our gift to each other. We've gotten all the romantic gifts over the years so we decided we'd get pillows this year.

I'm working on a scarf using Bamboo yarn, it's about 2 feet long now and still growing, but I have a picture here of when it began so you can see the colors. It's keeping me busy in the evenings while watching tv. I went back and got a few more skeins, in fact all they had, and got a plain creamy white to add to it. More to come on that and I'll eventually post another picture of my living room with pillows added. The pale turquoise color yarn is for my daughter, it's called Rosemary, love that name for it, the creamy white is not pictured here.

Probably time to make my sweetie a cup of hot tea.